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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 23, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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two shootings in one month in the same walmart parking lot leaves some shoppers wondering why here? >> an investigation into a major fire is underway this morning as dozens of people are waking up homeless. what crews are saying about the badly-damaged building this morning. >> reporter: hol travel in san francisco is up from a year ago. we'll tell show you what lines look like at sfo coming up. it's a bone-chilling start to your friday morning. a freeze warning to talk about
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-- coming up. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. in overnight news, there's been another shooting at a walmart. crime center stretches from the parking lot to the victim's home. noelle walker is live with more. is the store open for business? >> reporter: it is. it opened at 6:00. the story is almost unbelievable. two shootings. the first shooting happened here along the sidewalk on hesperian boulevard. that was the one on black friday after thanksgiving. if you follow the center aisle up towards the walmart entrance, about 30 yards is where the shooting happened
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last night, this latest shooting happened at 10:30 last night. a man who was waiting for his wife to come out of walmart was shot. police say as he drove home, the suspect followed him and continued to shoot at him. the victim went by ambulance to the hospital where he's expected to recover. >> i don't know what it is about this walmart because this area here is very nice, you know. if you go down further down, maybe i would say like why there's a shooting. but at this walmart, i don't see why it would be. >> reporter: for good reason, because on black friday, surveillance video caught a shooting in this same parking lot. the victim from that shooting is out of the hospital and recovering from home. the suspect sur ren derded in front of our tv cameras after a standoff with police that happened earlier this month.
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now, coming -- it would be -- it would be surprising if this latest shooting was not caught on surveillance video. we'll have to wait and see if that's the case. the suspect is still on the loose. he's believed to be driving possibly a gold buick. noel noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. about 60 people are homeless after a fire. flames spread other buildings. one them was a 27-unit apartment building. the building managers say when the fire alarms went off, they started to bang on doors to make sure everybody was out. >> there was one gentleman who was asleep who we did have too -- we did have to take down the
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fire escape but he made it. >> the red cross is helping dozens of displaced residents. at least 16 have been put up in hotel rooms. we have more on this at 7:03. new information about the walnut creek school jan ter -- janitor. he is believed to work at several campuses. it's not clear yet if the alleged victim is a mount diablo student. investigators say they are trying to find out more information about him. anyone who suspects their child may be a victim is asked to contact walnut creek police. and in the wake of last year's
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san bruno disaster, pg&e says it's moving ahead with the recommended reforms from the national transportation safety board. in a statement to the ntsb yesterday, the utility company says it has started to automate gas shutoff valves, improve record-keeping. pg&e admits there's much more work to do. telephones working again at the sonoma county courthouse after a system failed there. the main computer at the courthouse went down yesterday for about five hours. now, that stopped all phone service. it even forced court employees to take down all courtroom minutes by hand. a san jose trucked in some new equipment. they ficked the problem -- fixed the problem. it's believed a broken cooling fan caused the failure. uc berkeley administrators are explaining why any chose
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google over microsoft. administrators wanted transparency in such a high- profile decision. with other schools switching to google, cal says it will get google apps up and runs faster and cheaper than microsoft. well, new this morning, the u.s. senate passed the deal to extend payroll tax cuts for two months. coming up, we'll take you live to our washington, d.c. to find out more -- to our washington, d.c. newsroom to find -- to find out more about this. 7:06. we want to check in with sal. it might be a different driving pattern today. >> yeah, they will say, there is a crowd here, a crowd here. where jeff you are going --
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wherever you are going. to get air jordans? let's take a look at the maze. there is a no problems there. 880 northbound and southbound, traffic moving along pretty well in both directions. again, if you are going to the oakland airport, you shouldn't have any problems. get to the other side of security and then you can kind of lounge around. 0 northbound and southbound looking good getting there. san jose international airport, there's really not a whole lot of traffic on the main south bay roads. let's go to rosemary. >> good morning to you. less than 20 minutes to the official sunrise. we have just a beautiful start to the day. don't go outside. it's cold out tear! stay inside, where it's nice and cozy. i have a feeling those heaters are working overtime in your homes this morning. we have a freeze washing.
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north bay, east bay, lasting to about 9:00 this morning. temperatures sinking in the 20s. we have some cloud the out there. high clouds rolling in have actually helped us to at least offset some of that cooldown. 27 degrees, santa rosa. right now, 24 in napa. it's a bone-chilling start. menged that earlier this morning -- mentioned that -- that earlier this morning >> there's those clouds i mentioned a moment ago. if you do have plants that need to be cover, it may late. but just so you know when you cover them, you can save 5 degrees or so.
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ridge of -- of high pressure still in place. air quality, moderate for today. it's a recommended, no burn day. that means it's not illegal but if you want to help out the air quality, you can. the winds will be calm for the most part today. the extended forecast -- dry throughout the extended. although once we get past tuesday into the evening showers. we have a slight chance at some rain there. we could really use it. meanwhile, getting back to your holiday weekend, a cold start, slightly better on christmas moving and the afternoon high sitting -- sitting in the low 60s. babb to the desk. >> thank you, rosemary. some shaking here in california last night. plus a powerful temblor overseas in a place where
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deadly earthquakes hit this year. plus -- winds were howling again in southern california? take a look. we'll take a look at some of the damage. and how many tents are left at occupy camps today?
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good morning. jack london square. you can see the gusty winds are gone, calm conditions and it's cold outside our doors this morning. in southern california, santa ana winds are dying down as west yesterday, 60-mile-per- hour wind gusts flipped over several tractor-trailers in san bernardino county. it was even hard for people to stand up. in other areas, the winds toppled some trees. so far there's no word of serious injuries or major
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damages. thank you, rosemary. >> i just checked with the faa website. right now there are no weather delays at any airports in the country. still, bay area airports are bracing for big crowds this morning as a rush of holiday travelers try to get to their low cases -- location -- locations. allie rasmus is there now. how are the crowds? >> reporter: well, it's busy but it's definitely not that bad. you can see about a half a dozen cars unloading. not a whole lot, especially not what we would be expect for this time of year. inside this terminal, the lines are not very long. now, despite what we've seen so far this morning, this is supposed to be the busiest day. 120,000 passing through sfo today which is a 5% increase from a year ago. now, san francisco seems to be bucking the national trend when
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it comes to traveling. most airports are down 10% from a year ago. but here at sfo, there's still a lot of demand, especially for international flights. this morning some travelers we talked to said they were pleasantly surprised by the crowds. >> i think we thought it would be busier. just before being the friday before christmas. it still seems like it should be busier than normal. i'm actually pleased. >> reporter: as tori mentioned, there are no major delays to tell you about here at sfo and also no major delays at most of the airports nationwide. it appears today is a pretty good day for air travelers, back to you. minutes agriculture, the -- minutes ago, the house passed
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an extension on the payroll tax cuts. alison burns has more from our washington, d.c. newsroom. >> reporter: tori, we were all waiting to see if anyone was going to object this morning, as house speaker, john boehner, used a procedural rule. most have gone home for the holidays. here's what happened just a few moments ago. >> without objection, the bill was engrossed, read for a third time and the motion to reconsider is on the table. >> reporter: taxes would have gone up for 160 million americans in eight days if the house didn't act. it's a 2% tax cut but the obama administration says we'll save the working family about $40 ofry two weeks. president obama put off his holiday trip to hawaii. while lawmakers struggled to
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reach a deal. we are anticipating that we will hear from the president. it's important to note that this is a two-month extension. reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:15. several strong earthquakes shook new zealand. >> it was inshaking -- it was shaking quite loud. >> quite loud. >> look at these pictures. several hours an esche hit -- an earthquake hit new zealand. >> we'll be sending out damage to assess the damage. >> this aim say ya still re--
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this same area still recovering from the quake in february. in the tahoe area, they felt a quake last night as well. the usgs says it was a 3.2 magnitude quake. it hit about six miles from truckee. they felt it as far away as reno. there was another quake. it was felt just before 9:30, the usgs says it was sented near berkeley. the city of berkeley's crackdown onock pie protesters is apparently working. there are only 7 tents -- seven tents left at martin luther king park. at one point, there were 107. city crews are no logger ha rared ass this clean up -- harassed as they clean up the area. arrests have been made for
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attempted rape, assault and carrying a gun. her getting to learn more detail -- expecting to hear more details about a serial arsonist thomas hartman is accused of setting off fires in pittsburg, antioch and the bay point in the last few years. and arson is besuspected for a car fire that happened early yesterday morning. fire was contained before it damaged any nearby aunts. prosecutors say it's possible the vehicle was stolen and set on fire to get rid of evidence. the pain rekiever -- reliever motrin is peaking recalled. company is asking the pull 12 million bottles from their
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shelves. johnson & johnson says it's only a problem as the pills approach their expiration date. this recall covers, modem id and the coated tablets. johnson & johnson says there's no recall to consumers. this is only directed at the schools. a christmas miracle after an arizona kid wakes from a combo. in october, schmidt suffered severe damage and brain injuries when the car he was hitting -- riding in split and hit a week ago. >> about a weak acthat the were -- and then smith hend ultwo finners an starred responding
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to -- smith meld -- held up two fingers. a new poll says 77% of people believe in angels. broken down by religion. 88% of christians and 94% of evangelical christians, think angels are real. >> the anjles -- the angels. if you feel like it's extra cold this morning, guess what. you are right. we're looking out our window for a frost flees area. where it's happening an where it should get warmer. we're about to take you 200 miles above earth but the
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russian space station -- earth. what the russian international space crew is doing as we speak. [ terri ] my husband, hank, was always fun.
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right now the russian spacecraft soyuz is docking. tori campbell brought it to you. actually, nasa did but we'll give the soyuz the credit. they are taking two americans, a russian and a dutchman to the space station. this is actually the first time since august they've had a full crew on the international space station. we're watching things here. the six-man crew will be working together until at least march. they are focus on experiments that deal with the effects of weight alsoness on the humane pod -- body. but we took you there live.
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>> it always crack us up in this business. >> beautiful pictures. >> we'll keep monitoring that. right now, sal is monitoring sphrask and letting -- traffic and letting us know if there are slow spots out there. >> yeah, we do have traffic that's -- i would say traffic is doing very well around the area. if you are driving to the malls or the airs, that's where the crowd will be. there are people here from interstate 880 driving from richmond to berkeley and heading out to oakland. here at the toll plaza, you can see it's light. if you are driving into san francisco along the bay bridge, the winds are not prob a -- are not a problem as they were
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yesterday. let's go to rosemary. >> we have sunny skies. we have high clouds overhead. they rolled in while we slept. and in the last couple of hours have helped to hold our temperatures steady. so we haven't seen a whole lot of additional cooling. 23 degrees in san francisco, 24 in napa. if you are just joining us, we have a freeze warning. 30 in concord, 29 in livermore. let's check out san jose, right at freezing. 30 degrees in areas around palo alto, menlo park. 41 reported at snowe. 34 degrees if you are headed to the airport in oakland. the city of oakland reporting 39 39 -- 39 degrees. temperatures will begin to rebound now that the sun is up.
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take a look for yourself. 57 in san francisco. 58 degrees for oakland. low 60s for santa rosa. we're not going to be as warm. but we're not going to have the wind. tomorrow morning, the possibility of a freeze warning, once again. temperatures will hover around freezing. monday, temperatures, just subtle changes there. but it's by tuesday night, the clouds increase and it looks like the possibility of some rain by tuesday evening. back to you. how a recent officer- involved shooting is helping solve a high-profile crime. the important clue at the scene that police say is connected to the murder of a san jose murder. >> reporter: in san francisco, fire investigators are expected to be here at any moment. why they are expected to begin their investigation in a
7:27 am
victorian home. and a the -- and the she behind some long lines around the country. and we're following breaking news. some violence has broken out at one bay area store this morning.
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breaking news. new word of problems this morning at some bay area stores as people are trying to buy one
7:30 am
of the holiday's hottest gifts. claudine wong is in the newsroom to tell us more about this violence breaking out over the air jordan shoes. >> reporter: the most serious problems we're hearing about are coming from richmond and the hilltop mall. richmond police are confirming for us there are about 2,000 people lined up. this is san bruno, where you can see a huge crowd there. this is the scene that we're seeing repeated across the bay area. people lined up. now let's take you to this map of the richmond mall. this is where we've heard about a possible issue of shots fired. sources say shots rang out in that line. we're hearing that one person is possibly in custody. we are not hearing about possible injuries. we're on the phone with police literally as we speak trying to get nfg. we have a crew -- information. we have a crew headed to the scene. we take you back to san bruno,
7:31 am
we can show you what it's been looking like here and across the country with people trying to get their hands on some of these shoes. they are limited edition. they are released. they go for about 200. we're seeing the scene being placed all over the country, washington, georgia.
7:32 am
the fire yesterday broke out in a victorian home yesterday afternoon and spread to two other building and strong winds -- buildings and strong winds. kraig debro is live where firefighters are keeping an eye on a chimney in one of those buildings, right? >> reporter: yes, from the video it certainly appears ago that's where the fire started, in the victorian. that's one of the things investigators will determine, whether or not it started there or perhaps somewhere else. fire investigators are expected to start from that building because even though they are not official pli saying it -- officially saying it started there, they are calling it on the scene. a building inspector will determine if the structures are safe enough for people to enter. you saw what the front of the
7:33 am
victorian looks like. it looked like something could be salvaged. the structural intellgity of that chimney might tell -- integrity of the chimney structure might tell whether people are able to go to school. >> we lost our home. >> reporter: flames push the by gusty winds, quickly jumped to two other buildings. the fire was under control in three hours. just four people, including firefighters, suffered injuries. those injuries are said to be minor. although we're not exactly sure what extent of those are, and we hope to talk to the firefighters on the scene. meanwhile, some of those injured -- some of those displaced by the way were taken down the street. there is a red cross shelter
7:34 am
set up at a church down there. i just walked down thank about 15, 20 minutes ago. there was -- down there about 15, 20 minutes ago. there was a red cross sign there. the building inspectors -- a lot of them want to get their stuff out. in fact, there is a car down the street. it has a sign asking the parking control people not to give that person a ticket because their keys are in the home that burned up yesterday. back to you. >> thank you. and coverage of this fire doesn'ts at -- continues at 7:34. five bay area law enforcement agencies are sharing more than $1.2 million from the federal government's asset forfeiture program.
7:35 am
the authorities say the money was sized in 2006. it was the result of a raid on money laundering and drug operations in hayward. now, under the forfeiture program, that money was retrpted to local agencies that helped with the investigation. there are restrictions on how that money can be -- can be spent. police departments in livermore, vallejo and south san francisco, they each received $95 thundershowers thundershowers -- $95,000, they believe. a man claims he was beaten up by three men at the 49ers'
7:36 am
game. that game will always be remembered by the power outages. pg&e just sent a letter to the a -- a letter of apology to. team's president, jed york. the yowdge is being flailed -- outage is being flamed on a bad supplies. pg&e has fixed that. still no word what caused the second power outage. a lot of people are hoping for a green christmas. green, meaning a lot of money. tonight's jackpot has sit $173 million. the jackpot got bigger because no players were able to match all six numbers in today's -- in tuesday's drawing. 7:36. we want to check in with sal. letting us know how things are moving on the roads. a little quieter than normal.
7:37 am
>> it is, tori and dave. oakland and san jose, the traffic pretty much the same as san francisco. you can drive there. don't drive too fast. get there, park and give yourself plenty of time. westbound 237 as you cross 8 0, that traffic -- 880, that traffic looks pretty good. we're also watching 17 at 880 that gets you to the airport and there are no troubles on the road. public transit systems are running without incident. 0. let's go to rosemary. >> okay. winds have gone away. we're very calm. boy, we're cold! the sun's up. we have high cuds moving through -- clouds moving
7:38 am
through. the rain, most of the energy staying to the north. but we're seeing those as we walk outside our doors. rolled in right about 4:30, 5:00. had they come a little bit sooner our temperatures wouldn't be as cold as they are sitting this morning. while we haven't really warmed just yet, we've been steady. we were actually colder this morning. 21 reported, the overnight low, in napa. 29 livermore. freezing, san jose. 39 in the city of oakland. san francisco remains the warm spot, 43 degrees. 37 reported in mountain view, redwood city.
7:39 am
20s and 30s around the region. our forecasted highs will be a little bit cooler today. 59 for novato. 57 expected for vallejo as well as berkeley. 5 in oakland. upper 50s around the city. 60 for mountain view, 59 this afternoon in fremont as well as san jose. extended forecast here, your hoyle wcketd, dry. temperatures will be just as cold tomorrow morning slightly batter -- better on sunday. the clouds will increase on sunday. a weak system moving across the north. we won't see any rain, the big transition does approach and by tuesday night, a slight chance for rain in our forecast. >> tori? >> thank you, rosemary. the catholic church has asked that three gay-clergy clergy not speak at a church in
7:40 am
the castro district. o, and two others were set to be guest speakers at the most holy redeemer church. but a spokesperson -- redeemer church. but the supposeperson asked for the invitations to be resined to speak. coming up -- a check on the markets. and who is paying a million dollar-it -- million-dollar fine for mistakes he made this year. blah [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot
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on a light trading high, stocks are mixed. consumer spending and incomes rose a lackluster .1% in november. more on that in a moment. but consumer confidence is up, now that the tax payroll dut extension passed -- cut ebbs tension passed. personal income barely grew in november. the commerce said it was up just-- up just 1/10th. analysts predicted 2/20ths. so far, holiday sales have been better than expected. and growth forecasts could be revised upward. the ceo of netflix is paying the price for policies that lead an -- that led to an
7:44 am
exodus of survivors. his $500,000 salary will remain changed. but i will only have options on netflix stocks. after netflix changed how it charges customers, 800,000 dumped their service. and smartphones are cutting into sales of digital cameras. 27% of all photos and videos taken this year were shot with smartphones. that's up 10% from last year. sales of cameras fell 17%. smartphone owners say they prefer the convenience of their owns which are almost always with them. coast guard crew members in san francisco are making a special delivery.
7:45 am
they are off to kentucky and then off to central america with toys. brian hickey is live with more. >> reporter: this is all part of the yellow ribbon america campaign, where volunteers went out and collected toys across the state. here in sacramento, a by named randy, shot in a shed for 13 days, begging people to come down and dote nate toys. at the end of that 13 days, he delivered those to service members all over california. he said he gave a toy to everybody on the list. and he had 1200 left over and then he partnered up to kentucky, where troops returning from iraq will be hand the out today -- handed out today. >> we're actually doing our own deployment for a couple of weeks. we'll be done away from the holidays and figged that it
7:46 am
would be a nice time to give back to people that are coming back from being deployed. it certainly makes you fink about all of our military and service members making that sacrifice during the holiday season, as we watched the crew leech here. they will be common for two weeks, first stopping at fort campbell to renewal -- refuel, drop off the toys and then down the ground fighting the drug battle. we wish them a safe mission an think about all of our military during holiday president joenkl h.w. bush is backing -- joenklths h.w -- george h.w. bush is backing mitt romney. he stopped short of entering home. now, the former president lives
7:47 am
in texas and his support is nubbing -- nubbing-- smudging his campaign. john edward wants to postpone his upcoming trial. the trial is due to begin january 30s -- january 30th. officials with the 49, say they are pleased with their new crackdown on fan violence despite altercation at mid's name -- game. three stylers fans -- the game. the man says three steeler fans
7:48 am
beat him up. the team instituted tougher tailgating rules after fan violence at a preseason game against the raiders. barry bonds is in the process of fulfilling his conviction convictions -- his convictions. bonds is asking the 9th circuit court of appeals to throw out his conviction. last month, a judge sentenced bonds to 30 days of house arrest, two years' probation and a $4,000 fine. the start of the location has been delayed until ponds finishes her appeal. a mother in san francisco thanked her whom a da tash thanked her mom and -- thank
7:49 am
her mom -- thanked her mom. >> you do something nice for somebody, it just comes back. >> the owner of the car who does not want to be identified did not know that parks helped catch the suspect until she saw the story on tv. she recently called mr. parks around thanked him over the phone. authorities are out there car offing for bhofer stole packages. this happened in october. there is now a $10,000 we ward brying offered -- in october. there is now a $10,000 reward being offered. francis health ministers is recommending that women with implants made by polly implant
7:50 am
protez have their implants removed. none of the implants appear to have been told here in the u.s. but thousands of people across europe and in san francisco have the bill. a folks man faces several felony chargeses after police say he pretended to be a doctor and performed liposuction on a woman. he was arrested yesterday. the district attorney's office says he stole the identity of a physician's assistant and operated a bogus clinic. authorities say he performed lipo suckdz on a daily city woman last year -- liposuctioned on a daly city woman last year. the bullet train project will not create 1 million jobs. state rail officials say the
7:51 am
san jose mercury news story, which we started yesterday was correct. 7:50. bad news for parents behind on their child support payments in one local county. the reason that they could owe a lot more than thought. [ child ] it's so cool!
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pop, pop, pop, pop! and then the car, tires, smoke. that was it. >> a man was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far police have made no arrests this in shooting and have not -- in this shooting and have in the released any information. the deadbeat bills in contra costa county may be higher. child protective services switched computer systems and some about not -- some were not charged interest. one man thought he owed $1800. and the computer says he owes almost 56,000. for the first time ever you will not need a television to watch the super bowl. it will be streamed online and on mobile devices for free. the pro bowl and wild card games will be streamed live. you will be able to see a
7:55 am
variety of camera angles, in- game highlights and about the stats. how far, the spoel commercials -- and stats. but the super bowl commercials will not be stream lined. last night, 19-year-old melanie amaro, won a $5 million recording court. she will also star in her own pepsi commercial that's scheduled to air during the super bowl. i'm not kidding. >> at one point during the competition, she was actually eliminated but given a second chance and was taken under the wing of judge simon cowell. >> i was praying that america get it right because i jn winly -- i again winly believed -- genuinely believed she was the
7:56 am
right person. muni is rerouting some heavily used bus lines all because of continuing comstruns on the -- construction on the central subway project. the southbound 30 stock ton and 45 union lines will be rerouted from stockton street starting january 21st. the new route will take passengers to sutter, south on mason, over to market and east to 5th street. sal, you are busy -- >> sorry about that. i had the volume too loud there. we want to go right to breaking news. we have the chopper over the hilltop mall in richmond, where
7:57 am
shots were fired other -- were fired over apparently a pair of shoes. there was a crowd of 2,000 to 3,000 people at the hilltop mall getting in line for the new air jordans. a hot i tell. $200 pair of shoes. police say shots were fired. no one was hurt. one person was arrested, i guess in the melee trying to get in the mall for the shoes. that's our dish there. you can see the dish turning. that's our crew setting up to do a live shot right there. let's go to rosemary for the forecast. let's hope you have the day off. in not, brave yourself for a cold snap. right around the bay 30s and 40s. our noontime numbers, most of us will be sitting in the 50s.
7:58 am
calm conditions, partly cloudy skies. upper 50s and 60s which is a little bit cooler but calm. your weekend forecast, if you are going to the sierra, it will be dry. mostly sunny skies. mid-40s in the afternoon and the winds are light. extend the forecast here at home, chances are very good for a nice dry christmas. take a lack at that -- take a look at that. low 60s in the forecast. it will be quite cold. sunday, monday is up and clouds. pie tuesday, a pretty big transition there. it looks like a slight chance for rain on tuesday night. back to you. >> thank you. 7:58. dozens of san franciscans are now homeless right before the holidays. this morning, investigators return to the scene.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. i'm dave clark. we have developing news right now. problems this morning at bay area stores among shoppers trying to buy one of the hottest holiday gifts. ktvu claudine wong is in our newsroom to tell us about violence over a pair of sneakers. claudine? >> we've been telling you about problems in richmond and there's also problems in fairfield. fairfield police calling in for mutual aid. let's take you to richmond now because we're still getting information. we do have new information -- this is news shopper -- chopper 2 of the crowd beginning to
8:02 am
disperse. shots fired, a single shot fired this morning. at one point there were an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 people lined up outside the till hop -- hilltop mall trying to get their hands on these newly released air jordans. we can take you down to the ground because we have a crew there. the crowd has dispursed because the shoes are sold out. one person pulled out a gun and fired it in the air. police are telling everyone to go home, only kids' shoes are left. people also starting to leave the area. so what is all of this craze?
8:03 am
this is the shoe they all want. this is the air jordan xi retro concord. some people say they want to resell them and the battle for the shoes has gotten out of control. this is sacramento. that's where things got really people tried to cut in line. some people called in. they disbursed their crowd. in georgia, people broke into the store before it opened, people were arrested. one woman left her kids in the car so she could get the shoes -- and one woman was trampled and her arm may be broken. again at the hilltop mall, one
8:04 am
person is in custody. in fairfield, they are calling for mutual aid. back to you. >> i just wanted to mention, i'm guessing a lot of these people aren't going to wearing these shoes. i think they will resell them, right? >> reporter: right. i've covered these shoe crazes before. and the people i've talked to are either gonna resell them or some have avid collectors. they want them themselves. they don't actually wear them. they keep them in the boggs and -- these are not -- most people will not be putting them on and playing basketball. these are collector items. there's only a few. that's what starts this craze and why so many people line up. we had someone looking online and in minutes, it was sold out online and m stores. that was it. you -- and in stores.
8:05 am
that was it. 8:04, the san leandro walmart store opened two hours ago as scheduled and there are no indications about what happened there just before 10:30 last night when there was a second shooting in that parking lot in less than a month. this time a man got into an argument with another man. the victim was shot in the leg. but beens say the attack -- but witnesses say the attack didn't stop there. the victim got into his car and drove him. >> he's been transferred to the hospital. >> and the victim is expected to make a full recouldry. the -- recovery. the shooter, he is said to be driving a gold vehicle.
8:06 am
police new this morning, the payroll tax extension is heading to president obama for his signature after both the house and the senate approved the deal. stay with us. ahead at 8:15, we'll go live to our washington, d.c. newsroom for reaction from law makes. 8:05. bay area airports are bracing for a rush of holiday travelers today to get to their christmas destination. allie rasmus is at sfo. you've been out there all morning. so allie, what is it like now? >> reporter: conditions appear to be pretty good. you can get an overhead view.
8:07 am
you can see there's probably about a dozen or so cars and taxis unloading passengers. but it looks pretty sparse. inside, the line are not crazy either. now, this is despite that today is the buzzciest travel day. 154,000 air travelers coming through. san francisco airport and that's up 5% from a year ago. >> more care yes come in -- carriers come in. we have more available seats. all of these factors and some of the -- that's where we're seeing a lot of our growth right now. >> reporter: now, san francisco appears to be bucking the national trend when it comes to air travel. at most airports nationwide, air travel is down 10%. i did have a chance to contact a sporesperson in oakland international airport. they say they have no delays to
8:08 am
report over there. >> if you are headed to the airport, you can check for flight delay. while you are there, you can get the latest and traffic conditions sent straight to your home by signing up for >> my parents flew in. they said it was chaotic. >> it was crazy! >> of fern is -- okay. but everyone is here safe for the holidays. let's check in with sal. >> you know what else is a madhouse? the people at the malls. >> yeah. >> if you try -- like a lot of men are starting their shopping today. you will see -- [ laughter ] >> you will see a lot of people out there. >> don't laugh, dave. >> i'm not. [ laughter ] >> okay. you can laugh. if you are driving anywhere, remember it's light and the traffic is doing well.
8:09 am
but the -- i think we ran a story about this. i just got a gentle reminder that the chp is doing maximum enforcement over the holiday weekend. you don't want to get a speeding ticket during the -- well, never. but right before christmas that would be a -- that would be a bummer. and if you are gonna be drinking, have a designated driver. let's go to rosemary. >> we're braving the cold. mostly calm. a hue high clouds overhead. partly to mostly cloudy skies in some cases. but it's that filtered sunshine that you -- no rain with this system. it will stay well to the north. we will begin to see a transition. we'll be dry for the weekend. a light breeze around oakland.
8:10 am
calm conditio in that's definitely the headliner. 27 in santa rosa. 26 in napa. this is bad but not as bad. we're actually sitting in the low 20s earlier in morning. 32 concord, san jose -- san jose, 34. areas near stanford, reporting upper 20s, low 30s. so below freezing. 41 at sphee -- 41 at sfo. the city of san francisco reporting low 40s. the city of oakland reporting about 39 at this time. we have a freeze washing. easy to see why, right? that's what i'm trying to say. it's gonna expire at 9:00 this morning. it's for our inland areas north bay, east baferm.
8:11 am
we'll continue with the dry conditions. temperatures are expected to be warm, not as warm but it will feel better because we won't have the yind. orsh -- we won't have the wind. it's a recommend no-burn day which means it's not illegal but if you want to help out the air avoid it -- out the air but if you want to avoid it. 59 san jose, santa cruz. partly cloudy skies. mostly sunny, 61 this afternoon. the extended forecast, see isn'tal. it will be koild today and tomorrow. we'll hover around -- cold today and tomorrow. monday more of the same tuesday the cloud increase and models independent kate the possibility of maybe some light rain tuesday night. back to you. >> thank you, roes mary.
8:12 am
-- rosemary. bran [ sirens ] this is a series of strong earthquakes striking new zealand. and this is george michael what he says saved his life.
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning to you. a mix of sun and clouds out there this morning. temperatures, awfully cold sitting in the 20s an 30s around parts of the bay area.
8:15 am
8:14. a series of strong earthquakes has shake be up -- shaken up new zealand's south island. >> it was quite loud. >> several hours ago, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit christ church and it was followed by two aftershocks of similar magnitudes. [ sirens ] >> we'll be sending out teams to assess damage, to get an impression on what the response required is. >> at least 60 people were treated for minor injuries. the area is still recover from a quake in february that killed 182 people and destroyed most of the downtown area. in the tahoe area they felt an earthquake. the usgs says the 3.2 earthquake hit about six miles from truckee t was felt as far
8:16 am
away as reno. and a small quake hit here about 9:30 last my. it was a magnitude 2.7 earthquake centered near berkeley. there have been no reports of damage or injuries. new this morning, the tense political standoff on capitol hill over extending the payroll tax, it's over. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the impact this will have on your paycheck. >> reporter: dave, the house and senate this morning gave final approval to a bill that will extend a tax payroll tax cut, at least through the first two months of next year. >> without objection, the bill is engrossed, read for a third time, and passed and the motion to re-- to reconsider is laid
8:17 am
on the table. >> reporter: house democrats celebrated and said the american people's voice was heard. >> they can continue focusing on buying those last-minute presents because we did our work. >> reporter: house republicans were trying to hold out for a year-long extension of the tax cut. but with time running out before it expired next weekend, they succumb to a mountain of political pressure. this is a big win for president obama. we've just learned he will be speaking about it from the white house in about an hour before heading to hawaii for his holiday vacation. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:17. the u.s. army admits it failed to keep track of some of the graves at arling ton national cemetery. a new -- arlington national cemetery. a new report finds errors on about 25% of the graves.
8:18 am
congress ordered an evacuation last year a after -- an investigation after learning about this. on highway 35 at hickdy boulevard, shortly before 6:00, police tell ktvu the victim, an unidentified 49-year-old man, was in a crosswalk when he was hit by a car. he died at the scene. the driver was not cited but police impounded her car as part of the investigation. investigators say it does not appear alcohol was involved. around 10:00 last night, alameda county sheriff deputies attempted to pull over a small compact car in hayward. the driver refused to stop and while attempting to enter northbound 0, hit the freeway sign and a fence. the driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital with minor
8:19 am
injuries. "the press democrat" reports the main phone system was shut down for five hours. it forced court employees to take down the minutes by hand. a san jose company brought in new equipment and fixed the problem. uc berkeley administrators are explaining now why they chose google over midwest for the university's new e-mail system. normally they -- over midwest for the university's new e-mail system -- microsoft for the university's new e-mail system. it will be cheaper. this morning, sing, i
8:20 am
george michael is -- singer, george michael is thanking staff for saving his life. he says he was hospitalized with life-threatening pneumonia for nearly a month. doctors released him and this morning he's back home in london. michael said it was touch and go for a while. the illness forced him to cancel an expensive tour. 8:19. this holiday weekend also starts -- marks the start of the chps maximum enforcement period. some 10 million californians are expected to hit the road for the holidays between now and january 2nd. the chp will be out there increasing their patrols all offer the state to help make the road safer. they are also telling you and everybody else to report drunk drivers by calling 911. drivers can expect to see
8:21 am
sobriety checkpoints in the following cities -- when burglar alarms go off a lot of people ignore them. we'll tell you why one area police department is gonna start doing that too. we're paying attention to the weather. rosemary will have our forecast. we have a live look at the westfield solano mall which is now suffering some shoe store violence. we'll tell you what is on sale and what police are trying to do to try to calm the crowd.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
starting january 1st, san jose police department is making what some residents think is an alarming change. they will not respond to burglar alarges unless a witness says or a surveillance camera shows there's actually someone breaking in. police officials say 98% of the time they are reacting to false alarms. at least one san jose business owner admits his alarm goes off frequently but says it's not his fault. >> the vibrations with the trains going by, sometimes kids throwing rocks, that would set them. >> helium balloons, motion sensors. 8:24. i know you and the chopper are
8:25 am
pretty busy this morning. we're doing this breaking news in fairfield now where we do have newschopper2 over the fairfield -- over the mall here. it's called the westfield solano mall. you see a lot of police officers and also county officers that have been called in for mutual aid because of violence. as they were saling -- selling the air jordan concords, the very sought-after shoes. they sold out quickly. apparently, there was some scuffles in line. police had to move in several places across the bay. we were in san bruno. our crew was in richmond. a lot of police officers here. if you are familiar with the mall, a pretty large mall. look allot all of those -- look at all of those polices -- police officers. this is something obviously that we're following very
8:26 am
concerning to have violence over shoes but it's been happening here but only here but in other part of the country. we're all over it. we'll have live -- another live report coming up. the bay bridge toll plaza looks pretty good. there really hasn't been a big crowd on the roads, as it is the 23rd of december. northbound 17 traffic going to the san jose airport rooks good. no major air delays. 8:26 let's go to rosemary. we are braving the big chill. if you are in the oost bay, pleasanton, livermore, dublin, la fayette, walnut creek, freezing, subfreezing. mostly sunny skies by about 10:00 or so. 40s and the low 50s.
8:27 am
we will begin to feel the difference and then for the noon hour, it will be cool and sunny and calm. bring along the jacket. 59 san jose, 60 degrees morgan hill. the edgets tended forecast -- the extended forecast, air quality is moderate. however, it's a recommend no- burn day. so if you can avoid it, it may be a good idea. tomorrow morning, another round of very cold, cold temperatures. a little better on sunday. still near freezing in most case. monday, subtle changes in store. tuesday a notice an increase in the clouds and a slight chance for rain tuesday night. dave? >> all right. 8:27. developing news right now, violence at several bay area malls this morning. hundreds of people lining up to get their hands on a new pair
8:28 am
of air jordans. san francisco firefighters are maybe sure yesterday's huge fire does not flare up again. this morning investigators are out there looking for the cause. and a bay area nurses' strike is over. so why aren't some of those nurses back on the job this morning?
8:29 am
8:30 am
:0. we have very news for you this morning. violence bran out over air jordan sneakers. now we had errors of a gush in one play and several disturbances of bay area shopping malls -- at bay area
8:31 am
shopping malls and across the country, the most serious incident probably happened at the hilltop mall. ktvu's noelle walker is there now. what do you know? what happened? >> reporter: if it wasn't so serious, it would probably make you giggle a little bit to hear somebody say violence over air zwroer dan's. we're talking about tennis shoes. they were popular back -- back in ttd day. chopper 2 was up earlier when all of this happened. somebody fired a gun in the air when the the crowd was in line ready to buy these air jordan us. and that gunshot put the breaks on the -- put the brakes on the fund. that person has been arrested by police. police have the gun that was used. police have stopped all shoe sales at the mall and we're
8:32 am
hearing that they only have kid sizes left. we did talk to a woman who bought a pair of shoes -- actually, she bought a pair for her and a pair for her nephew. she was escorted out of the mall and didn't want to give us her name because she was concerned for her safety. near person has been here, and this is not the only place around the bay area and the country of people having trouble trying to get their hands on she is shoes. there are people waiting in line for the air jordan shoes there. apparently some of those people have been breaking windows at the mall. the solano county has called for mutual aid. you can see a parking lot filled with police and sheriff vehicles. mutual aid at the -- at the
8:33 am
fairfield/solano county mall. these are people trying to buy air jordans. and in san bruno, the crowd got rowdy and "rowdy" is probably the west we can say for places we've been. sill kind of unbelievable to think that she is these people come here in the darkness and wait in line for the shoes. and they are not available in so many places. as is the case when you get an item that a lot of people want but there is a limited qawnty, sometimes -- quantity, sometimes things go awry. it's worth know one was hit by the individual who fired the shot in the air. that person has been arrested and the gun's been recovered.
8:34 am
noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. :33. we have new information -- 8:33 we have new information about the walnut creek school janitor. police arrested him after police searched his home. now, he reportedly worked on several campuses. it's not clear yet if the alleged victim is a mount diablo student. investigators stay they are trying to found out more information about aster. if you have -- if you have any information contact the police. the pipeline disaster, pg&e says it's moving forward with the recommendations by the national transportation and safety board. they were improving shutoff valves, and better record high
8:35 am
pressure keeping that's -- and better record-keeping. the power is back on for thousands of people in southern san jose. the outage began at 6:00 a.m. and it was reported at 6:45, pg&e says the exact cause has not been determined but it appears a piece of equipment failed at a substation. san jose police have linked a fun at the center of a police shooting to the killing of a woman. police shot olin doe after police say he threatened them with a gun. yesterday police arrested the victim's husband in connection with her death but -- but they are not saying what the relationship is to olind.a.
8:36 am
last night, there were extra patrols on the street for the anniversary of this still unsolved homicide. police say the shooting was gang-related and since then the city has four police officers focusing on -- focus strictly on gangs. a community activist group was put together. the three men were killed on 8th plain and -- lane and linden aif. it's a matter of pu the people in place and finally making an arrest. 8:36. a man convicted in a los gatos murder for hire place is seeking a new trial after documents came to a new light. paul garcia was convicted for the murder last year of the shooting death of mark akillla. he was supposed to be sentence yesterday but transcripts from a prior meeting were shown and they reportedly say that he
8:37 am
told the judge he would no -- that garcia's old attorney said he would not call a witness and the now attorney said he wants a new trial. those nurses that walked off the at alba baits -- at alta bates will be locked out tomorrow, too. >> now, the california nurses' association which is behind this one-day walkout is protesting changes and paid sick leash and also contributeshuns to health -- contributions. seven people are recovering from injuries after a wild ride in the $ta. a soon crashed near the -- a
8:38 am
lot of passengers were thrown around and they reported neck injuries, dizziness and other things. a sadup date now, we told you about in yesterday, the search for two men missing in the mojave desert has ended. yesterday, authorities found the bodies of the two 29 -- of the two residents. they were rescued yesterday. their familiars are worried that he may -- they may become disoriented out there. a decade's old wooden while is missing from a hotel in mendocino. take a look at the picture of the while. right there it was carved by baker. spear headed the whale wars when a group of residents rented a fishing boat and went out on the sea in hopes of
8:39 am
intersailing ships. they say -- they think more than one person might be spobs inter. lake chabot is getting a gift -- a fix/next mo 1,000 -- -- is getting a fix and makeover. we want to check in with sal. hopefully it's in the -- it's not overly crowded. >> it's not. it's actually doing well across the bay. if you are driving to do whatever you do, maybe you are going to the work, the mall, the airport. here at 880, it looks very gooded a as -- good as you drive to the airport where a lot of people take the exit
8:40 am
there. let's take a look at partly sunny. this morning be 0 -- things are moving nicely on the 17th. here's mose mary. >> we believe that 25 degrees colder than yesterday. and high clouds, mid-level clouds. 27 degrees santa rosa, 24 in fairfield, so -- upper 350s -- pos -- 30 degrees. this freeze warning is scheduled toened at:00. looking am sot -- at some very, very cold weather. we'll continue at least with the cool weather in the moving hours. we have a few high clouds. just a little bit -- the tail end of a system that -- that
8:41 am
rain stays to the north of us. we continue our dry streak. through the weekend, we'll be with temperatures seasonal. upper 50s, low 60s in the afternoon. 59 novato, a 8 in oak rkts is 5 city. 60 degrees mountain slew, air quality moderate for the first -- for the first snow. bundle up tomorrow morning and then low 30s for christmas morning. monday, sunday and clouds, but dry. tuesday increasing clouds and a chance for some rain come tuesday ni. >> back to you. >> all rightle thank you. a new report of fan violence at candlestick park. the number keep twinnedling at what is -- dwindling at what is considered the largist
8:42 am
occupy protests. >> reporter: in san francisco, this this morning, why fire victims have returned to three buildings damaged yesterday by a huge five-alarm fire.
8:43 am
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8:50 am
he's speaking. his mother says no one ever has ever given her a christmas present than the life of her son. angels, as you know, can be symbolic of the holidays but most adults apparently believe in their existence all year long. there's a new poll that says
8:51 am
77% of people believe in angels. now, if you break it down by religion, 88% of christians and 94% of evangelical christians think angels are real. about 40% of the people who were not relin usually -- religiously oriented also believe that angels do exist. >> probably some people hoping for shopping angels -- angels. sometime is running off. there's positive signs people are spending more money this holiday season. >> reporter: it's the busiest day for the holiday season. we do have two cancellations to tell you about. we'll have the details on that when moat moat continues.
8:52 am
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today is getaway day for thousands of holiday travelers around the bay area. sfo expects it to be one of the busiest days. alley rasmus has been at sfo all morning long. you've seen it all. what's it like out there, allie? >> reporter: well, i'm happy to tell you it's still -- it's still relatively calm. there are no delays to tell you about if you plan to leave. there are two cancellations. one of them is on an american airlines flight to chicago. another on a british airways flight to chicago. we're told they are due to
8:55 am
mechanical problems, not weather delays. so maybe you if -- so maybe if you are on another flight to chicago you will be fine. but meantime, the people lined up way off to the left -- way off to the left, those are the people trying to get rebooked because of two canceled flights from sfo. now, other flights are running on time. we checked the board. a few flights are scheduled to leave 10, 15 minutes early. you don't see that often. if we show you the line, you -- the line, you can see people waiting in line with their luggage. the security line, people are just breezing through. there are 3 132,000 people coming through. this is the busiest -- there are 132,000 people coming through the airport today. this is the busiest travel day. here at sfo, no major delays unless you are on one of those
8:56 am
two canceled flights to chicago. but again, we've been told those canceled flights are because of mechanical problems, not because of weather problems. weather conditions across the country are looking pretty good for air travelers. back to you. >> thank you. if you are headed to the airport, you can still check for flight delays at k. it while -- at and while you are there, you can get the latest weather and traffic conditions sent straight to your phone by signing up for malls are crowded as people are finishing their shopping. some people are just starting their shopping. salesclerks say they are very happy to see both kinds of shoppers in their stores. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday, busy remember this week at the mall. it seems like the holiday season is not so affected by the economy. >> merchants are slashing prices to get people to send. that tactic seems to be working as national retail sales are up
8:57 am
nearly one and a half -- 1.5% for you -- from last year. question for you, are you done? that's what we've been asking our viewer on facebook. one viewer said," our family decided to say bah humbug to buying christmas shops and we're gonna make them instead." another one "wrapped finished and shipped -- shipped off. no credit cards. all cash." >> very interesting. sal's been busy watching the commute but you've also been following the violence over people trying to buy these air jordan shoes this morning. >> i think they were -- since they were released before christmas, there's a huge crowd trying to get them. we had 3,000 people in richmond trying to get them. one person fired a gun. no one was hurt. that person was arrested.
8:58 am
there were a lot of people here at this mall waiting for their shoes from this -- early this morning. not everywhere there's been violence. but everywhere there's been crowds. if you want to get to the airport, drive safely. the roads are looking good. let's go to rosemary. it's gonna be a dry holiday weekend. outside of coldness, seasonal temperature, partly cloudy skies, mostly sunny. >> sounds good. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trust -- thank you for trusting ktvu news. we're always hear for you at
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